Do you require a retainer? Yes I do require a nonrefundable retainer to book any appointment. The amount varies depending on the appointment you are booking with me. There are many reasons why I do this but the biggest reason why is to avoid last minute cancellations.

What methods of payment do you accept? I accept cash, PayPal, Venmo and credit cards. Most all of my clients pay online through my invoicing system though.

How soon in advance should I book my makeup services? As soon as you know your date! Certain months such as May, June, September and October tend to book out a year in advance.

Do you do trials? Yes I do trials! I normally do them for brides but also have done a lot for the mother of the bride and bridesmaids! If someone is unsure about having their makeup done we can always do a trial run before the event. The Trial Run is included in my Bridal Makeup Package. For Bridal Party members that would like a Trial Run the price will be the cost of your makeup application times two.

When and where do trials take place? And how long will it take? Trial Runs take place either at a studio I rent at or I can come to you for your Trial Run. I have everything I need to set up a comfortable area to do your makeup at any location. I can bring a tall chair, 2 mini tables and professional makeup lighting. I ask for 2 hours of your time to do a Trial Run. It takes this long because we also will be discussing the upcoming event and your desired makeup look and any skin concerns, all while doing the full makeup application. 

When should I schedule a trial run for my wedding? I encourage my brides to schedule their Trial Runs when there is another wedding related event happening. This could be Bridal Portraits, Engagement Photos, Bridal Shower, Bachelorette Party, Day of Hair Trial Run, Dress Fittings, etc. This will really help give you the bride vibes and also let you see how well the makeup can last through all the activities.  

What if I want to do a trial run to decide if I want to book your services? That is completely fine. The way I run my business is when first booking a wedding I require a nonrefundable retainer and a signed contract. The retainer covers the cost of your Trial Run and admin. The contract saves your date. The contract states that you have to give more than a 30 day notice to cancel the agreement. So I advise to do the Trial Run more than 30 days before the wedding date in case you happen to not like the makeup and would like to go in a different direction. If you are booking with me less than 30 days before your wedding then we can do a Trial Run without the signed contract but your wedding date will not be secured until contract is signed.

How long does each makeup application take? The average time for a makeup application is 45 minutes, this is typically at weddings when I am already set up and working quickly. The longest would be a Trial Run since I really like to take my time and get to know you and create the perfect look for you, those are usually 2 hours. For a special event appointment I typically will be at your location for 90 minutes, this time includes my set up and pack up time along with your makeup application.

Can you accommodate large wedding parties? I will work all day if needed but I do like to schedule an hour per person for weddings. This hour also includes my clean up time in between clients, if I need to eat or drink something, etc. That being said for my personal self I like to cap it off at 8 people in total for a day. If your wedding party or event has more than 8 people who need their makeup done I do have a great community of other professional makeup artists I can reach out to and bring them along with me. I do charge a $50 fee per artist I bring with me. This fee covers a deposit for them and also all the communication between me and the other artists to keep everyone organized and on the same page.

How do you keep all your tools and products clean and sanitized? I hand wash all of my brushes with brush shampoo after every client. I am very big on sanitation. You will always see me with my little tupperware container I carry around. This is where I toss all dirty brushes and products at the end of a service. I take all of that home and sanitize everything before my next appointment. If I am doing multiple faces in one day I have A TON of brushes where I can use a clean one for everyone.

Will my makeup last all night? What if I cry? Yes! Your makeup will last all day and night until you wash your face! I use a lot of Water Resistant makeup that has extreme staying power. If you do happen to cry nothing should budge. But please do not rub or wipe the tears away. Same thing applies if you happen to be sweating. The makeup is not rub proof, you will need to use a tissue or something of the sorts to pat and blot away the moisture. This will not disturb the makeup. 

How will I touch-up my lips or face? Can I get those products from you? My Bridal Makeup Packages include a basic Touch-Up Kit. What is inside will be Blotting Papers, Lash Glue and a Makeup Remover Wipe. I do also offer a Deluxe  Touch-Up Kit that can be added on to the Bridal Makeup Package for $40. The Deluxe Bridal Touch-Up Kit includes a Full Size Lip Color, Full Size Blotting Powder, Lash Glue, and a Makeup Remover Wipe.

What makeup brands do you use? I am not one of those people who only uses just one brand! I use whatever is going to work best for me clients! The brands you will see in my kit range from professional brands, luxury brands and consumer brands. I carry Estee Lauder, MAC, Dermablend, RCMA, Temptu, Makeup Atelier, Viseart, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Charlotte Tilbuy, Stila, Lorac, Becca, Bobbi Brown and so many

Do you use airbrush makeup? Yes I do! I use the Temptu airbrush system and foundations. Both Traditional and Airbrush Foundation that I use are Water Resistant and Long Wearing (16+ hours). I feel if you need a lot of coverage due to hyper-pigmentation or acne it is easier to get full coverage with a traditional foundation. Or more mature skin types do better with traditional foundation. Airbrushing does tend to be more Transfer-Proof and doesn't require touch-ups pretty much at all because of the way it is applied, it self sets. Airbrush foundation also typically feels a lot lighter on the skin since there is not a layer of primer, foundation and then powder. Airbrush is a very quick application and traditional takes me just a bit longer to blend out. 

How far do you travel? I am open to traveling anywhere! I really do love traveling and seeing new things so I am always down to do a destination wedding. I already have a passport so I’m all ready to go to other countries to make you feel beautiful on your wedding day! Don’t hesitate to ask me because we can make it happen.

Do you require a minimum number of services to book a wedding? For Weekend (Friday-Sunday) Weddings I do require a 4 Service Minimum to book. If you do not meet the minimum a fee may apply. If you are having a small week day ceremony or elopement talk to me and I'd love to work something out with you!

Do you do Bridal Hair as well? I personally do not, but I have partnered with a Bridal Hair Stylist named Sam Palmer from www.sampalmerhair.com.

If you book with both of us we like to offer the convenience to our brides of having only one Trial Run appointment for hair and makeup. 

Does Makeup or Hair go first? I personally don’t mind either way. The only time makeup has to go first is if you are going to have bangs or any other hair pieces that will be sprayed into place in front of or near your face.

Do you have experience with Ethnic/Acne/Mature skin types? Yes! I have experience with all skin types, ethnicity and ages. My kit is all inclusive, so don’t worry about me not having your shade or not knowing how to work with your skin! 

Are eyelashes included? False strip lashes are included in every makeup application! I carry a wide variety of lash styles from natural to dramatic.  If you do not want or need lashes there is no discount.

What if I have lash extensions? I have worked on clients who have lash extensions before. I do have to be very careful with the eye products I use. Usually it is best to completely skip any eyeliner as the ones I use are waterproof and can be difficult to get off when you can not use oil based removers with lash extensions.  I also suggest doing a more natural shadow look on the eye since your lashes will be the main focal point on the eye. Typically I use cream products to minimize the fall out from powder eyeshadows on the lashes. Please make sure you do a Trial Run with your Lash Tech well before your wedding and make sure you understand the proper care for the lashes. I recommend Emilee https://www.instagram.com/lashesbyemilee/ for Lash Extensions 

What do I need to do to prepare for my face for a professional makeup application? If you have any questions or concerns about your skin before your wedding date I recommend scheduling an appointment with either an Esthetician or a Dermatologist. Regular facials and skin treatments from them can get your skin into shape before your wedding day and lead to a better and longer lasting makeup.